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“A writer is someone who is interested in all the arts, in politics, and of course the psychology of people. Someone passionate about everything.”
– Susan Sontag, Radio France Interview (“Regarding Susan Sontag,” from HBO)

An excerpt from the latest book by Taylor Marsh:

…This is the heart of infidelity – physical lust and longing that are separate from love. Having the ability to live in the eye of passion blocking all else out, not allowing the complications of feelings and emotions to enter the arena of desire. Nothing exists but two human animals finding their way to erotic release. Carnality can catch you up in its vortex where you find yourself doing things you never dreamed of before. Sexual acts of unbounded moral lethality or unlimited imagination can take you over a pleasure cliff you never knew existed, and over which you feel you have no control. When an affair is moored in the physical alone, no earthly responsibilities attached, the escape works like a narcotic. It becomes an obsession, and is equally as deadly as any drug. […]

Viagra Legislation: We’re All Concerned About the Boys

Sen. Nina Turner of Ohio is concerned about men.

If you think about it, she’s right.

The FDA believes it’s important to find out why men need Viagra before dispensing the little blue […]

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Obama Calls Karzai,Expresses ‘Shock and Sadness’

Sixteen dead, including 9 children.

Imagine if the circumstances were reversed and this happened in America. Can you just hear Rush Limbaugh now?

Pres. Karzai is an untrustworthy man, so giving him any moral […]

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Female Villains and the John McCain Love Affair Continues in HBO’s ‘Game Change’


Palin has only herself to blame for how horribly she came off, but as she was the most hotly sought-after interview in the world at the time, the McCain campaign could have picked and […]

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Assuming Romney is the Nominee…

WICHITA, Kan. ““ Demonstrating again his strength among conservative voters in the heartland, Rick Santorum decisively won the Kansas caucuses on Saturday. Mr. Santorum captured 51 percent of the vote, easily eclipsing his […]

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Dash of Dan’s Early Sunday Brunch for the Sunday Talk Shows

I was never a big fan of raisin oatmeal cookies.

I mean, when it comes down to cookies, you have chocolate chip, white chocolate butterscotch, sugar cookies, the list goes on and on!

So, I came […]

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TALK RADIO BOMB: 98 Advertisers Tell Premiere Networks to Avoid Shock Jocks

Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” and “prostitute” smears have officially become The Talk Radio Tipping Point. He and his right-wing talker spawn have finally been hoisted on their own poison petard.

But this latest controversy comes at […]

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Saturday Night at the Television Movies

The first time I saw the trailer and heard “American Woman” I felt like I should get ready to go on the air again, because I used it as my intro back when I […]

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Mitt Romney Minute: Serve Him Some of Those Grits Ya’ll

Art offers his perspective as a movement progressive activist.

Mitt is channeling his inner Paula Deen in the South.

“Morning, ya’ll,” Romney told a campaign rally on Friday in Jackson, Mississippi. “I got started this […]

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Nude Mama Caught in a Sandra Fluke Moment

Amid Rush Limbaugh’s sexist rants and women rising up to let Republicans know they’ve gone to far, the Jessica Simpson April cover for Elle seems frivolous.

When Demi Moore appeared on Vanity Fair it was […]

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