“A writer is someone who is interested in all the arts, in politics, and of course the psychology of people. Someone passionate about everything.”
– Susan Sontag, Radio France Interview (“Regarding Susan Sontag,” from HBO)

An excerpt from the latest book by Taylor Marsh:

…This is the heart of infidelity – physical lust and longing that are separate from love. Having the ability to live in the eye of passion blocking all else out, not allowing the complications of feelings and emotions to enter the arena of desire. Nothing exists but two human animals finding their way to erotic release. Carnality can catch you up in its vortex where you find yourself doing things you never dreamed of before. Sexual acts of unbounded moral lethality or unlimited imagination can take you over a pleasure cliff you never knew existed, and over which you feel you have no control. When an affair is moored in the physical alone, no earthly responsibilities attached, the escape works like a narcotic. It becomes an obsession, and is equally as deadly as any drug. […]

Like Reagan, Obama Cites False History Quoting Hayes

“One of my predecessors, President Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly said about the telephone: ‘It’s a great invention but who would ever want to use one?’ That’s why he’s not on Mt. Rushmore.” – Pres. […]

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“Early Start” on CNN


It’s a 4:30 a.m. call time for me today and you ladies know what that means and how early I arose to make it.

At the crack of dawn, I’m booked to be on CNN’s […]

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Pennsylvania’s Gov. Corbett on Ultrasound Mandate: Ladies, ‘You Just Have To Close Your Eyes’

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Fox News Channel Cuts Mitt Romney Off for Commercial Break

Point to Rick Santorum.

Add Megyn Kelly to the list of Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, all FNC anchors who have made Mitt squirm.

After Santorum accused Fox News Channel of “shilling” for Mitt Romney, the […]

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Bill Maher on Sarah and the ‘C’ Word

Jake Tapper has a discussion with the self-described potty mouth comic.

But comparing Maher’s “c” word attack on Sarah Palin to what Rush Limbaugh said about Sarah Fluke, he’s having none of it.

To compare that […]

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State Dinner for a Very Special Relationship

Obama and Cameron took in a March Madness NCAA basketball game, eating hot dogs, was courted by John Legend at the end of the state dinner, but what I was interested in is the […]

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The Op-Ed Read ‘Round the World

Considering that Goldman Sachs alums live inside the Obama administration and help run our entire financial system, the bombshell yesterday will be talked about for weeks.

Here’s an excerpt from the op-ed appearing in yesterday’s […]

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Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Cecile Richards Respond to Mitt Romney’s Pledge to Defund Parenthood


“Mitt Romney is trying to out-right anyone else in the race.” – Rep. Jan Schakowsky

On a conference call earlier today put together by the DNC for the media, Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky called Mitt […]

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Pamela Geller’s Dangerous Anti-Muslim Ad Rejected

The Freedom From Religion Foundation ran a full page ad in the New York Times last Friday, which was been mimicked by notorious anti-Muslim crusader Pamela Geller. Here’s part of what the anti-Catholic […]

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