As you’ve likely noticed over the last year, the topics now venture well beyond the political, which will always be a central theme, because it’s in my bones due to the time in which I grew up. Even my new book, though it’s not political, deals with the politics of sex: the interaction between men and women and how we navigate the modern world of equality inside our most intimate space, where we lie down every night. Over at Huffington Post you can check out the post that has over 9.5k Facebook shares, which gives you a glimpse of my new book (also translated into Spanish at El HuffPost). It’s what I’ll be talking about at the Baltimore Book Festival in September. This site has always been my creative laboratory and this latest incarnation honors the path I now find myself navigating. We’ll just have to see where we go from here.

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BIG NEWS: Saturday and now Sunday, too, September 27 and 28th.
Noon to 8 pm; on Sunday I’ll be speaking at 3:15 p.m.

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“Women are caught between feminism and the pornification of America, and men are, too. I spent my youth squatting on a pedestal, the beauty queen who couldn’t get laid. I’ve been a Relationship Consultant, phone sex diva, mistress, been fought over, lived with hunks who treated me as the trophy, then couldn’t deliver. Now I’m married, because he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I’m grateful he didn’t. I always knew what I wanted, which is where it all begins. I can help others get theirs, too.” – Taylor Marsh

Pres. Bill Clinton on Occupy

In the Republican debates this weekend, not one question was asked about Occupy, which is typical, because neither big two parties represent the 99% anymore, though Democrats at least make a show of it.

From […]

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Attacks on Mitt Romney Fizzle Out Quickly, Media Remains Part of the Story

Mitt Romney suggested in today’s debate that only rich people should run for office, and then quickly celebrated the fact that he’d forced a rival to take out a loan against his house. Romney […]

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Debate Overload, New Hampshire Edition

Mitt Romney should have done this debate via Skype – Twitter

Last night’s ABC debate reviews are bizarre to read, because no one but Mitt Romney deserved a grade above C-. The other guys […]

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Newtmageddon Fizzle

UPDATE (11:01 p.m.): Mitt Romney stood with his hands in his pockets all night, because everyone on stage thinks Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment applies only to frontrunners. He wasn’t touched. Romney was […]

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Obama & Democratic Party Pick Right-to-Work Over Labor

TM NOTE: Art Pronin wrote “Progressive Notes” in 2011. This year I’ve asked him to take a look at Democratic and progressive support for the reelection of Pres. Obama, versus the policies actually implemented […]

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Queer Talk: I really don’t want to talk about Rick Santorum …

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

Apparently it’s Rick Santorum’s turn for extra added attention in the GOP wannabe race. And he’s making the most / worst of the […]

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Dash of Dan: Glazed Orange Chocolate Madeleines


Being in Paris for the holiday, I came across quite a few different foods, but my eyes always turned to the sweets.

I had plenty of French pastries, but I didn’t have any madeleines while […]

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Political Junky Open Thread, with Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive

Rick Perstein, a historian, is always worth reading.

Brief digression: [Rick Santorum] says his grandpa came in 1925. Someone should look into […]

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Squealing Partisans

It’s as if Democratic and Republican partisans think our country is made of feathers.

What’s most important has been left largely unexamined: if one of these candidates actually becomes president and advances his or her […]

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