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Ann Romney: ‘The More We Release the More We’re Attacked’

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ALL DAY today I’ve been listening to talking heads on cable regurgitate the insider media talking point that “faux outrage has turned to […]

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Vogue Gets Chelsea Clinton

IT’S NOT the Kennedy legacy, but the history of William Jefferson Clinton matters a lot to Democrats and Chelsea Clinton will be in charge of it all some day.

You can see the […]

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Rudy Versus Vice President Joe Biden

WE ALL KNOW why Rudy Giuliani went after V.P. Joe Biden on CNBC on Tuesday. He still hasn’t gotten over when Biden scuttled his presidential hopes when he said all Rudy had was […]

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News Desk: Guard Wounded in Shooting at Family Research Council DC Office

Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

Few details are out at this point, but about 10:45 this morning, one man shot and wounded a security guard in the lobby […]

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Top Story: Romney Accuses Obama Campaign of ‘Hate’ After 3 Years of Birtherism

“Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago,” Romney said while campaigning in Ohio. [The Hill]

“Well I think, if you look at the ads that have been described […]

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Grover Norquist Takes on Romney-Ryan on Defense Budget Bloat

CONSERVATISM IS DIFFERENT from neoconservative imperialism.

Josh Rogin recently reported that Grover Norquist is ready to draw a line on this distinction, as well as fight it out on principles:

“We can afford to […]

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Celebrating Julia Child at 100

WE ALL REMEMBER Dan Ackroyd’s Julia Child skit. There’s even a Google doodle in her honor today.


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TM Interview on Where Obama and Romney Stand on Reproductive Rights

I DID AN interview yesterday on the subject and here’s the link. Highlights are below…

First off, you may wonder why women’s reproductive rights have become such a major issue in political debates. Taylor […]

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CNN’s Blitzer Corners Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on Medicare Falsehood

EVER SINCE PAUL RYAN was selected as Romney’s running mate, Rep. Wasserman-Schultz and other Democrats have been falsely claiming that Romney-Ryan’s Medicare plan would impact seniors, without saying that those 55 and older would […]

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