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Curiosity on Mars

FROM NASA, which has a bevy of photographs of Curiosity on Mars.

If you’re interested in the mission of Curiosity, Carl Franzen is doing a bang up job covering it.

A Clear Look at the Rover […]

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From ‘Mouseburger’ to Cosmo Girl Who Can Have It All, the Legendary Helen Gurley Brown is Gone

“Good Girls Go to Heaven ““ Bad Girls Go Everywhere.” – Helen Gurley Brown

“I think marriage is insurance for the worst years of your life,” she wrote. “During your best years, you don’t need […]

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The Incredible Shrinking Relevancy of Sarah Palin

SARAH PALIN long ago left center stage, with the final death knell her abysmal self-promotion during the aftermath of the Gabby Giffords shooting. Her stature is made smaller by her own efforts, which […]

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News Desk: Brazilian Women Rebel, with Caesarean Births Too Frequent Worldwide

IT’S A WOMAN’S body and it should be her decision. In South America, women are fighting back against rulings that take their own birthing choices out of their hands.

From the Associated Press:

A tipping point […]

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The Hawks are Back and Paul Ryan Wants to Make Them Sexy Again

We have a responsibility to speak boldly for those whose voices are denied by the jackbooted thugs of the tired tyrants of Syria and Iran. – Rep. Paul Ryan

IN CASE anyone was wondering why […]

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News Desk: Candy Crowley Lands Presidential Debate, First Woman in 20 Years

FIRST TIME in 20 years, a woman will moderate the presidential debates. CNN’s Candy Crowley, a veteran journalist, gets the nod, which was first announced by Drudge. ABC’s Martha Raddatz will moderate the vice […]

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News Desk: Saudi Arabia to Build Cities Dedicated to All-Female Professionals and Employees

SEXUAL SEGREGATION in Saudi Arabia is built deep into the culture. So how does a fundamentalist country move into the 20th century, let alone acknowledge that women in the modern world want to […]

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Bob Schieffer’s Powder Puff Interview with Romney and Ryan

IT WASN’T SOFTBALL, it was powder puff.

Taxes came up, but no re-direct to Mitt Romney.

Bain was brought up, but Mitt Romney got to skip it.

The first questions going round and round about how Romney […]

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News Desk: Egypt’s Morsi Sacks Defense Minister, Nullifies Military’s Move Against Presidency

FROM EGYPT comes a report that new Pres. Mohamed Morsi isn’t wasting any time in retaking the power of his office and attempting to shift the ruling authority from Egypt’s powerful military to the […]

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