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Why Barack Needs Hillary

Originally published for Pajamas Media BY TAYLOR MARSH Does Obama need Clinton? Or do they actually now need each other? […]

Obama Needs Clinton, Part II

Guest post by Scan The primary season ended a month ago when Hillary Clinton delivered an incredibly powerful concession speech. […]

Another Reason to Celebrate

Guest post by Scan How I love The Onion. We have many reasons to celebrate this weekend, and one of […]

Rock Star Status in New York

BY TAYLOR MARSH photo by Dick Blume/The Post-Standard Hillary wowed them in Syracuse. Hundreds of Central New Yorkers flocked to […]

McCain Camp Regroups

BY TAYLOR MARSH image via You have to love this story. It’s especially priceless to me after Wesley Clark rhetorically […]

Of Iran and Hype

Israel will attack Iran! Yesterday, ABC reported “senior Pentagon officials” are concerned Israel could strike. No, they won’t, said Charles […]

Primary Post-Mortems Continue

BY TAYLOR MARSH Gail Sheehy's Vanity Fair piece is online. Bill doesn't use a Blackberry, anonymous sources, etc. Some of […]

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