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The Romance ‘Power Couple’

THE HEROINE of my novel, Below the Beltway, is in her late-thirties and not sure she wants children. What Alex Gantry is sure about is that she wants a man who isn’t freaked out […]

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Trump’s Soap Opera

THE TRUMP campaign knew what Ted Cruz was going to say and was actually hoping for an endorsement in the end.

Whatever tension accumulated over the first day inside the Q quickly exploded when Cruz […]

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Trump-A-Palooza is Entertainment, Just Not How Donald Envisioned It

The controversy set off by the stumble spread rapidly from the political class to average Americans: African-Americans were angry that Ms. Trump had chosen to swipe the words of the country’s first African-American first […]

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Roger Ailes Falls, 21st Century Fox Waiving NDAs

Meanwhile, the Paul, Weiss lawyers are attempting to interview former Fox employees who have stories of harassment but haven’t spoken because they signed settlements with Ailes’s Fox attorney, Dianne Brandi. 21st Century Fox is […]

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Introducing Melania *Updated*

The Donald Trump campaign on Tuesday denied allegations that Melania Trump plagiarized a Michelle Obama speech on the first night of the Republican National Convention, calling the accusation “just really absurd.” [CNN]


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Trump, Pence Awkward on ’60 Minutes’

JUST WHEN we thought Donald Trump and Mike Pence couldn’t be any weirder together, along comes Lesley Stahl and “60 Minutes” to help push Trump into new territory.

Trump finished sentences for Pence who looked […]

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Military Coup Attempt in Turkey *Updated*

“Turkish armed forces seized the rule of the country completely with the aim of reinstalling the constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms, to make rule of law pervade again, to re-establish the ruined […]

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Meditations for Nice, Politics in America *Updated*

The man who used a truck to fatally mow down dozens of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, has been identified by authorities as Mohamad Lahouaiej Bouhel, a French-Tunisian resident of the southern […]

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Celebrity Veepstakes: Six Wives Between Donald – Newt

“I have known Newt Gingrich since 1990 (I emceed his event the night the became Speaker of the House in 1994) he has been a long term, very dear friend of mine and is […]

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