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“A writer is someone who is interested in all the arts, in politics, and of course the psychology of people. Someone passionate about everything.”
– Susan Sontag, Radio France Interview (“Regarding Susan Sontag,” from HBO)

An excerpt from the latest book by Taylor Marsh:

…This is the heart of infidelity – physical lust and longing that are separate from love. Having the ability to live in the eye of passion blocking all else out, not allowing the complications of feelings and emotions to enter the arena of desire. Nothing exists but two human animals finding their way to erotic release. Carnality can catch you up in its vortex where you find yourself doing things you never dreamed of before. Sexual acts of unbounded moral lethality or unlimited imagination can take you over a pleasure cliff you never knew existed, and over which you feel you have no control. When an affair is moored in the physical alone, no earthly responsibilities attached, the escape works like a narcotic. It becomes an obsession, and is equally as deadly as any drug. […]

It’s the Oscars

EVERYONE has their favorites, with the rumble underneath it all the whiteness of the night. Slights are held as grudges up to a point, but once everyone puts on their best designer, it’s […]

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A Brit’s View: The Telegraph Goes to War

This was inevitable, right? The Daily Telegraph gets bashed from pillar to post after Peter Oborne’s public denouncing of editorial policy being tailored towards advertisers, so the newspaper rounds on its critics by throwing […]

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Rudy, The Worst of American Politics, Scott Walker Embraces

“I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He […]

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Mother Jones Deconstructs Bill O’Reilly’s War Zone Claims

“Nobody from CBS got to the Falklands,” says Bob Schieffer. “For us, you were a thousand miles from where the fighting was. So we had some great meals.” – David Corn and Daniel Schulman […]

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Calling it Islamic Terror Won’t Stop It

IF THERE is anything more ignorant than focusing on the vocabulary used to describe ISIS, it’s the insulting notion forwarded by the New York Post that the man who ordered the killing of Osama […]

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A Brit’s View: Oborne Quits Telegraph over HSBC

I wasn’t expecting to write much more about the HSBC tax avoidance scheme. I assumed the government would go quiet and wait for it to all blow over. I’ve been kind of right on […]

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Clinton and Warren, Unremarkable Meetings Between Two Powerful Women

IT IS unremarkable that former Secretary Hillary Clinton would want to meet with Senator Elizabeth Warren. People are reacting to the reporting as if the two most powerful women in American politics should […]

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Obama’s Immigration Policy Halted by Federal Judge

A federal judge in Texas has ordered a halt, at least temporarily, to President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, siding with Texas and 25 other states that filed a lawsuit opposing the initiatives. [New […]

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Copenhagen Attack No Reason for Censorship

Danish authorities have been on alert since Islamist gunmen killed 17 people in three days of violence in Paris in January that began with an attack on weekly Charlie Hebdo, long known for its […]

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