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Lieberman Knows How To Use Power

Nothing like a Scoop Jackson Democrat to show how far the modern Democratic Party has fallen when it comes to using its power. Love him or hate him, Mr. Lieberman is schooling both Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid, making a mockery of the Democratic majority, not worried about anything, as he’s already taken on the activist base and beat them too. Sam Stein has the full story.

Ah yes, Joe Lieberman using his power once again to throttle the Democratic majority while hijacking the agenda. Why not? He has already learned that there will be no consequences for doing so.

Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) informed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in a face-to-face meeting on Sunday that he will vote against a health care bill that includes a public option or a provision that would expand Medicare, a Democratic Senate aide tells the Huffington Post. …

[...] The final path would be to try reconciliation, the parliamentary procedure that would allow Democrats to pass chunks of health care reform by a simple up or down vote. There are a host of hurdles that come with going down this route, including questions over what, exactly, could be passed. And both the White House and Reid’s office seem hesitant to use the procedural tool, even after Lieberman’s latest round of opposition.

On “60 Minutes,” Pres. Obama sent a final signal that reconciliation won’t be the method, going out to proclaim a bill will get done by Christmas.

“I think it’s going to pass out of the Senate before Christmas,” Mr. Obama said in the interview. … .. “Just because I’m not, you know, over at the Capitol Building doesn’t mean I’m not involved,” he said. “You know my job is not to draft legislation. My job is to set forward a vision, point people in the right direction. That’s what we’ve done. And that’s why we’re gonna get a bill.”

Mr. Obama went on to say that “Seven Presidents have failed up until this point. We are now that close to having a bill that does all the things that I said and most experts said needed to be done when we started this process.” Making it very clear how the “win” on health care will be framed.

Nyah, nyah, nobody could do it but me. Having the sobering impact of being correct on that front, while the White House continues to bet that in the end “the left” will always come home to their guy. It’s here, looking forward, I also bet they’re rooting for Sarah Palin to keep on coming, as there is likely a feeling in the Obama administration, even at this early point, that the Democratic disgruntled will join to fight against her. Again, they’ve got a point.

So, what deal is Obama and Reid going to give Joe Lieberman to get it done, since neither have the leadership spine to use reconciliation, something Mr. Lieberman knows all too well? With dreams of deals to come, likely with Republican, no doubt already dancing in his head.

We now know Obama says he’ll get a bill, driven partly by an accomplishment that seven others failed to get, the PR line laid out in advance by the President himself. But given Lieberman’s stance, with few others left to move, what kind of bill will it be? It’s clear neither Obama or Reid cares at this point.

A lot of others do or they will once they find out what it means (or doesn’t mean) to them.

Watch for a circling of wagons.

Don’t do it.

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