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Gingrich Invokes Hitler at AIPAC

It was a real crowd pleaser, greeted with thunderous applause. Mr. Gingrich knows his audience.

A large majority of Israeli Jews support military action aimed at destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to a survey sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. – Haaretz

Mr. Gingrich’s speech is quite a stem winder. Watch it if you have the stomach.

[...] That would mean moving to suspend Iran’s right to vote in the United Nations so long as its leader wanted genocide of Israel. That would mean enforcing the disruption of gasoline supplies until the Iranian economy broke, the Ayatollahs were ousted, and a new regime was in place without firing a shot.

[...] I just want to make two last points. I don’t know quite what that is, but I’m going to take the risk of saying it anyway. The first is that talking in good faith with Adolf Hitler and seeking reconciliation with Adolf Hitler would’ve been a complete dead loser, because he was in fact the personification of evil, and as long as he was in charge, all humanity was at risk. Ahmadinejad, if he gets the weapons, will be every bit as evil as Hitler. He tells us this all the time, and only our unwillingness to admit that two plus two equals four blocks us from seeing what he is doing. …

If that wasn’t enough, Mr. Gingrich, in his over eagerness to show his over abundance of ignorance, also seemed to hint that we shouldn’t deal with Hamas or Hezbollah.

Stopping a determined Iranian theocracy with its secret police and its Republican Guards so that they do not get nuclear weapons, they do not fund Hamas, they do not fund Hezbollah, they are not the leading exporter of terrorism in the world, is an enormous problem. Recognizing that the leading funder of Sunni extremism on the planet is Saudi Arabia, and that rather than bow to the king, we need a national energy policy to liberate the United States.

And how we’re going to bring the Middle East to equilibrium without Saudi Arabia, Mr. Gingrich also leaves out. Though his hyperbole was certainly in full form.

Appropriately, JStreet blasts Newt.

Irony was completely lost on Mr. Gingrich when he pontificated about the importance of “growing in Gaza a force for peace and prosperity and freedom that was capable of taking on Hamas and capable of defeating Hamas.” The man obviously completely blocked out that it was the leaders of Israel who completely delegitimated Abbas, while also bolstering Hamas’ popularity through their horrendous military action in Gaza, which has brought untold suffering on Palestinians.

That Dr. nobody could have foreseen the outcome Rice is now defending Bush’s Palestinian elections that handed Hamas their entry drives home the incompetence of this crowd.

Gingrich didn’t invoke Pres. Obama’s name, but he didn’t have to for everyone to get the manic militarism in his message, as opposed to our new president who has to deal in the real world of consequences for doing the same things or worse, doing nothing.

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