Tim Pawlenty’s Neoconservative Spring

By |June 28th, 2011|

It's like the ghost of George W. Bush, but with smoother segues. ...and so it begins: Now is not the time to retreat from freedom's rise. [...] Yet at the same time, we know these revolutions can bring to power forces that are neither democratic nor forward-looking. Just as the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, [...]

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Assad’s Evil Regime, No One is Safe

By |May 31st, 2011|

Hamza al-Khateeb was 13 years-old. The details are horrifyingly shocking. From Al Jazeera and be prepared if you're going to read on: Arrested during a protest in Saida, 10km east of Daraa, on April 29, Hamza's body was returned to his family on Tuesday 24th May, horribly mutilated. The child had spent nearly a month [...]

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Ryan Lizza: Obama is a ‘Consequentialist’

By |April 26th, 2011|

One reaction among liberals to the Bush years and to Iraq was to retreat from "idealism" toward "realism," in which the United States would act cautiously and, above all, according to national interests rather than moral imperatives. The debate is rooted in the country's early history. America, John Quincy Adams argued, "does not go abroad [...]

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War Hawks and Neocons

By |April 23rd, 2011|

Security forces in Syria met thousands of demonstrators with fusillades of live ammunition after noon prayers on Friday, killing at least 81 people in the bloodiest day of the five-week-old Syrian uprising, according to protesters, witnesses and accounts on social networking sites. - Security Forces Kill Dozens in Uprisings Around Syria We will never be [...]

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Catching Up with the Right

By |April 3rd, 2011|

TM NOTE: Well, this was supposed to be up hours ago, but a little life interruptus impeded my best intentions. So, finally, here you go... Tired of being on the receiving end of damaging stories developed by liberal groups such as Media Matters and the Center for American Progress, conservatives are looking to launch their [...]

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Rationalizing Libya

By |March 27th, 2011|

"It was not -- it was not a vital national interest to the United States, but it was an interest and it was an interest for all of the reasons Secretary Clinton talked about. The engagement of the Arabs, the engagement of the Europeans, the general humanitarian question that was at stake"... Defense Secretary: Libya [...]

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Peter Beinert’s Right, It’s The End Of An Empire

By |March 25th, 2011|

Some commentators love the Libya war; others hate it. But most agree that it's profoundly unnatural that we were pushed into it by"¦ France. Welcome to the post-American world. In the age we're entering, most of the time, the choice will no longer be between humanitarian interventions controlled by the United States and humanitarian interventions [...]

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Israeli – Palestinian Tensions Rise, as Film Tries to Personalize Conflict

By |March 25th, 2011|

"Is this the face of a terrorist?" asks the American poster for Julian Schnabel's new film, Miral, about a young Palestinian woman of the same name. Dressed as a schoolgirl, looking ten years younger than her actual age of 26, Freida Pinto stares back, the sullenness in her eyes a residue of shouldering the twin [...]

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Why Isn’t Obama Targeting Syria Next?

By |March 24th, 2011|

**UPDATED** President Bashar al-Assad made a rare public pledge to look into granting Syrians greater freedom on Thursday as anger mounted following attacks by security forces on protesters that left at least 37 dead. - Thousands chant "freedom" despite Assad reform offer You think it's America's job to interject ourselves and save the world? You [...]

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Egyptian Revolution Inspired by Liberalism

By |February 13th, 2011|

"He gave me a lesson in democracy and said: 'We see the democracy the United States spearheaded in Iran and with Hamas, in Gaza, and that's the fate of the Middle East,'" Ben-Eliezer said. "'They may be talking about democracy but they don't know what they're talking about and the result will be extremism and [...]

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