“… It’s no longer about justice. It’s about politics and politics is about survival and there’s nothing fair about survival.” – Vera Farmiga, When They See Us

AVA DUVERNAY’S masterpiece on Netflix won’t let you go.

I’d left New York City five years earlier but read every day about the city I loved and where my Broadway dream came true.

The horror of the rape and near-murder of investment banker Trisha Melli brought outrage from the city and Donald J. Trump couldn’t miss the moment.

In When They See Us, DuVernay makes the criminal in the White House a minor player.

The beauty of DuVarney’s direction and writing made the horror of what the boys suffered palpable.

I remember this event. I always thought… A woman attacked so viciously could never have survived five men. When the exoneration came it was hard to understand all that had happened.

A hole in our cosmic humanity has been healed, if only a little. This series is gorgeously edited and resounds with the cosmic reckoning we’re witnessing.