MUELLER: Charging Trump ‘Not An Option We Could Consider’

ROBERT MUELLER resigned by reading a doozy of a statement that amounted to a refutation of Attorney General Barr‘s official statement on Mueller’s report.

Mueller stated bluntly that charging Trump was “not an option we could consider,” because the Special Counsel concluded it would be “unconstitutional.”

Shorter Mueller: The Office of Legal Counsel’s memo stating a sitting president can’t be indicted or charged with a crime was the foundation on which Mueller based his investigation.

It means that A.G. William Barr LIED when he stood in front of America to encapsulate Mueller’s report.





Speaker Pelosi remains unmoved. Her statement from San Francisco dripped with condescension, emphasizing that only 38 or 40 of her caucus members want impeachment.

Democratic 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders equivocated. They both deserve to lose “frontrunner” status, in my judgment.

Hand-wringers say impeachment could hurt Democrats in 2020, citing Bill Clinton’s impeachment. People need to remember that if Trump doesn’t face impeachment he’ll use that against the Dem nominee in 2020 too.

Mueller made it clear today: The Special Counsel’s report was an impeachment referral to Congress.

Impeachment hearings on Trump must begin.

Removing Trump from office is another matter. It will take an election to accomplish.

House Democrats are letting Pelosi conflate these two issues which she hopes will paralyze her caucus.

Democrats need to do the right thing.

Mueller today: “The Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting President of wrongdoing.”

“The criminal justice system”.

Isn’t this Mueller saying it wasn’t AG Barr’s call whether or not to charge Trump?— Rachel Maddow MSNBC (@maddow) May 29, 2019