Equador Kicks Out Assange
(photo via The Daily Beast, unknown origin)

VILLAIN OR publisher, people have varying opinions of Julian Assange. The Ecuadorians came to their senses.

“Ecuador imposed a new and detailed set of rules on its fugitive guest, requiring Assange to pay his own medical bills, clean up after himself in the bathroom and tend to the ‘proper care’ of his cat.” – The Daily Beast

Treachery has imprinted itself on the hiding human. Assange’s Howard-Hughes-esque picture of decline from malignant choices.

An epic brawl over extradition will make many lawyers piles of money.

The American government keeps too many secrets. The answer isn’t to dump sensitive conversations, and information into the global ecosystem. Malicious actors like Assange shouldn’t get to hide behind publishing for an excuse for vindictiveness.

Londoners have rid themselves of one huge annoyance.

Meanwhile... With Attorney General Barr parroting the accidental occupant of the White House. Democrats are caught between the U.S. Constitution and the redacted Mueller report, with not much time before the process of impeachment is the only way to discover the truth.

The Cheater-In-Chief grows nuttier by the day.

There is something wrong with the accidental occupant of the White House.

“This was an attempted coup. This was an attempted takedown of a president,” says @POTUS of the Mueller investigation. Pres says he’s “most interested” in seeing Atty Gen Barr investigate the origins of the the probe. Says it was “treason” and “against the Constitution.” pic.twitter.com/jsPkIUpfji— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 10, 2019