MAY BE FATAL: : A Thriller, A Puzzle Until the Plot Unfolds


IN MY next thriller, MAY BE FATAL, I ask readers to go back and forth in history with the characters. The opening chapter occurs in 2009, with the next chapter “Present Day.”

It’s a puzzle, a riddle until the plot unfolds.

Here’s an example of the chapters a reader will see:

1-RAYMOND DRAKE: September 2009, Thursday
2-AMANDA STONE: Present Day, Friday Night
3-JACK STONE, aka STONEY: Present Day, Friday Night
4-DR. KATE WINTER: Present Day, Saturday, 2:00 a.m.
5-LILY CASE: Present Day, Saturday, 3:30 a.m.
6-RAYMOND DRAKE: April 2011, Late Friday Night
7-DR. KATE WINTER: May 2011, Monday

Two weeks away from the publication date, I’m reminded of a writer’s reality, via The New York Times.

“Writing has never been a lucrative career choice, but a recent study by The Authors Guild, a professional organization for book writers, shows that it may not even be a livable one anymore. According to the survey results, the median pay for full-time writers was $20,300 in 2017, and that number decreased to $6,080 when part-time writers were considered. The latter figure reflects a 42 percent drop since 2009, when the median was $10,500. These findings are the result of an expansive 2018 study of more than 5,000 published book authors, across genres and including both traditional and self-published writers.”

This is a subject I covered in my traditionally-published memoir. The dotcom bomb upended the world of writing and publishing.

Independence to publish came at a cost.

I’m grateful to have a growing readership that makes the gamble worth it.