Sheryl Sandberg, From ‘Lean In’ to Lean On

Mr. Stretch and Mr. Stamos went into more detail with the audit committee than planned, warning that Facebook was likely to find even more evidence of Russian interference. The disclosures set off Mr. Bowles, who after years in Washington could anticipate how lawmakers might react. He grilled the two men, occasionally cursing, on how Facebook had allowed itself to become a tool for Russian interference. He demanded to know why it had taken so long to uncover the activity, and why Facebook directors were only now being told. [New York Times]

ANOTHER FACEBOOK report that should embarrass Congress.

Between Facebook, and the Amazon deal, Senator Chuck Schumer has ignored details that should make him choke.

Sheryl Sandberg has embarrassed herself and betrayed her ethical responsibilities. For all the work she has done to get where she is, and how she pontificates on how women can get there too. The soulless means by which she’s conducted herself is not what any of us need in a female leader.

It does women no good to earn power if they are guided by greed. We’ve seen what ego has done to male leadership.

Mark Zuckerberg should step down. The reasons are voluminous.

But the Facebook board is stacked with Zuckerberg and Sandberg cronies.

It’s past time for Congress to step in.