Midterm Reckoning, Political Realignment Against Trumpism

“I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” said another former West Wing official who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The possible exposure would be that Mueller would demonstrate that Don Jr. perjured himself to investigators when he said he didn’t tell his father beforehand about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting to gather “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. – Gabriel Sherman [Vanity Fair]

WATCH VIRGINIA’s 7th congressional district, which will come in early. If Spanberger beats Brat, Democrats may be headed toward a political realignment. Something that happens once in a generation.

It will also mean the Senate is in play for Democrats to tie Republicans in numbers, even if Captain Extreme (aka Mike Pence) remains the tiebreaker. Update: Several red state Dems fell to Trump giving Republicans the Senate this time around. It will be different in 2020 when the map is less friendly to them.

Democrats only need 23 seats in the House to capture the majority in this chamber and begin to hold the accidental occupant of the White House responsible and accountable.

Elijah Cummings takes over oversight

Adam Schiff takes over for Nunes on intelligence… Schiff has also said he’ll use congressional muscle to demand Trump’s tax returns. It’s one thing that could keep The Donald from running for reelection in 2020.

…and Jerry Nadler becomes boss of the House judiciary.

Beto O’Rourke has changed Texas politics forever. If he wins, he’ll be the first name on everyone’s lips for 2020.

Claire McCaskill is not a progressive favorite, but if she pulls a win out of Missouri again… McCaskill should be considered for a slot in the 2020 POTUS lottery.

Stacey Abrams has shown Georgia and the south what it means to be an African American in the Trump era.

Andrew Gillum reminds Democrats that our bench is wide and strong.

President Obama didn’t sit this midterm out. He even claimed credit for getting the economy going again, something a lot of us wished he’d done in 2010. Obama was fired up and ready to go across Democratic states.

Michael Bloomberg re-registered as a Democrat and unloaded millions in the midterms to help progressive candidates win.

Women will be the story of tonight if Democrats prevail.

One leg of our long national nightmare is almost over.

And then comes Mueller.

Buckle up, kids.

If it’s a bloodbath — which it could be — Trump will be on the warpath and no one is safe.

UPDATE: Democratic victory in suburb after suburb across the nation. The definition of a realignment. Democrats control the House which will make the accidental occupant in the White House nuts. The mood of the country remains in the throes of Trumpism. It will be interesting to see what candidates emerge for 2020.