Trump Rhetoric Incited Criminal, Florida Man in Custody

Cesar Sayoc Jr., 56, who has been arrested before, is currently in custody, law enforcement officials said. DNA evidence played a role in the arrest, law enforcement told NBC News. Sayoc was previously charged in 2002 with making a bomb threat, but it’s not clear what the how the case was adjudicated. He was also arrested for theft in 1992 and 2014. Sayoc filed for bankruptcy in 2012, and is registered as Republican, according to public records. [NBC News]

IT’S NOT the fact that this #MAGAbomber is a registered Republican that matters most. The man is a habitual criminal and a candidate for the psychopath wing of our society.

I’m obsessed with psychopaths.

It’s likely Trump’s words ran in a loop in this #MAGAbomber‘s head. He plastered Trump’s words across his van. He wanted the world to see it.

In fact, a tweet came through addressed to @CBSNews, which was from a guy who allegedly saw the van pictured above in Miami and “thought it was strange.”

The foundation of this domestic terrorist attack is that President Nationalist uses language that is meant to incite. Of course, not even the accidental president wants people to die. He doesn’t care. His ignorance has always been the greatest threat. What is undeniable is that Trump’s rhetoric is meant to reach into the mind’s of people with a grievance.

For the person whose mind is on the edge, it gives them an excuse to act out.

The president‘s permission.

Trump has never been held responsible for his reckless life.

When I cast my early vote, the people in line were all over 50.

We’re about to find out whether the next generations give a fuck about our country or not.