MBS, Saudis Suspected in Khashoggi’s Brutal Assassination

As Jamal Khashoggi prepared to enter the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2, a squad of men from Saudi Arabia who investigators suspect played a role in his disappearance was ready and in place. [Washington Post]

SILENCE FROM Turkey’s Erdogan.

Silence from the accidental occupant of the White House on what happened to the American journalist Jamal Kashoggi. The man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania is still besotted with MBS after the Saudi’s sycophantic ass-kissing when the Ugly American President visited their country.

From the New York Times

Security camera footage showed Mr. Khashoggi entering the consulate shortly after 1 p.m. that day. Ms. Cengiz, his fiancée, waited outside, and she has said he never emerged.

Two and a half hours after he entered the facility, six vehicles with diplomatic license plates pulled out, carrying 15 Saudi officials and intelligence officers, Sabah reported.

Two other vehicles, including a black Mercedes Vito van with darkened windows, went from the consulate to the consul’s residence about 200 yards away. Turkish employees of the residence had unexpectedly been told not to report for work that day, the newspaper said.

Other reports of dismembering of Kashoggi with bone saws paint a diabolical plan to make him disappear.

Putin does this all the time to unfriendly people.

America has always stood for press freedom.

…until the man with the weird hair blew into Washington.

UPDATE (10.11): There is much discussion about when the accidental occupant of the White House found out about the immediate danger of Jamal Khashoggi. We know from reports he doesn’t read the PDB. There is also a sense the Administration won’t do a thing but wait and hope this blows over. The Washington Post will not stop until they know if the incompetence that is the foundation of this presidency helped cost a colleague his life after torture, murder, and dismemberment. Nicholas Kristof said to Brian Williams that he thought Mohammed bin Salman should not be allowed to run the country if his involvement can be proven.

Jared Kushner‘s coziness with MBS is well known. Questions abound.

Saudi Arabia needs to get a message, which the Senate will attempt to deliver. Washington, D.C. is replete with think tank events funded by Saudis. I’ve been enjoyed quite a few. The relationship between our two countries needs a reevaluation after this assassination.

The current President of the United States hasn’t helped keep journalists safe with his rhetoric toward the media, which some autocrats and dictators take as a sign to ignore press freedom.

From NBC

The U.S. media’s involvement in the annual Future Investment Initiative has come under scrutiny amid reports that Khashoggi, a longtime critic of the Saudi royal family, was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by a squad of Saudi Arabian officials.

“I’m terribly distressed by the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and reports of his murder,” Andrew Ross Sorkin, the New York Times columnist and CNBC anchor, tweeted Thursday morning. “I will no longer be participating in the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh.”