Amid MBS Rampage, Trump Aids Cover-Up in Slaughter of Khashoggi
photo: State Department, public domain

ISTANBUL — His killers were waiting when Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul two weeks ago. They severed his fingers and later beheaded and dismembered him, according to details from audio recordings described by a senior Turkish official on Wednesday. Mr. Khashoggi was dead within minutes, and within two hours the killers were gone, the recordings suggested…

THE STATEMENT from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is incredulous.

The photographs of Pompeo glad-handing the man who gave the order that resulted in Jamil Khashoggi‘s death and dismemberment was a low I never imagined.

The president sucked up talking points out of the propaganda arm of the Saudi royal family. The “rogue killer” idea was Trump playing stenographer for the Saudis. Our president is a rube. First Putin, he was taken in by Mohammed bin Salman, along with all of Washington. It’s not personal in D.C. It’s strictly financial.

Trump needs to protect his pocketbook.

He went back to his big win to get it.

“Here we go again with, you know, you’re guilty until proven innocent. I don’t like that. We just went through that with Justice Kavanaugh and he was innocent all the way as far as I’m concerned,” Trump said Tuesday. [New York Post]

Gloating over beating “horse face” and “porn lawyer,” POTUS couldn’t have misread a moment more thoroughly.

The butchering of Jamil Khashoggi is a global event.

… In apparently ordering the grisly killing of a Washington Post columnist, M.B.S. wagered that the world would not miss another murdered journalist. So far, he has been spectacularly wrong, and the slow drip of information during the past two weeks—from the Turkish government and American officials—has rendered the denials of M.B.S. and other Saudis preposterous. The latest tale, regurgitated by President Trump—that Khashoggi was killed by government “rogues”—is belied by the evidence: among the fifteen members of the hit team that went to meet Khashoggi in Istanbul was a pathologist with a bone saw. – Dexter Filkins [The New Yorker]

United States senators have thrown down the gauntlet.

American voters may not feel it but world leaders and many of our allies remember the words of Donald Trump. “Enemy of the people” sent a message.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia kill journalists, innocent civilians, and dissidents every day but no one cares.

The First Amendment is the foundation of our democratic republic.

The Washington Post has declared war.

Inside his royal palace in Riyadh, Mohammed bin Salman is said to have alternated between dark brooding and rampaging anger in the days after the death of Jamal Khashoggi, as Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, or MBS, as he is widely known, looked for someone to blame for what Turkish officials have said was the journalist’s grisly murder… – David Ignatius [Washington Post]

UPDATE: The Washington Post has published Jamil Khashoggi’s last column: What the Arab world needs most is free expression