Rats Surface in Last Minutes Before Blasey Ford Faces Kavanaugh
Photo via Vanity Fair: Christine “Chrissy” Blasey Ford cheerleading with the Holton-Arms squad in Bethesda, Maryland, in December 1983.
Courtesy of a Holton-Arms alumni.

The revelation — which came on the eve of much-anticipated public testimony from Kavanaugh and the woman who has accused him of assault, Christine Blasey Ford — included few details. The committee didn’t identify the men, offer details about what they said, state whether committee staff found their accounts credible, or indicate whether there would be any further follow-up. [BuzzFeed]

THERE IS a term for what the two men told the Judiciary Committee staffers, for which Donald Segretti became famous.


From someone who knows in USA Today.

The whores on the hill. That’s the nickname that Georgetown Prep boys gave us, the students at a sister school, an all-girls Catholic prep school.

The students at these elite schools are groomed to be charismatic, upstanding leaders in society. This, however, does not mean that the upstanding leaders of today could not have committed unspoken venialities in their youth. Put another way, the defense that “the person I know could not have done such a thing” is specious.

It stands beside the witnesses who are available, but Chuck Grassley and the Judiciary Committee said they won’t call to testify. Republicans have chosen to make today’s hearing “she said” without witnesses, she begged the Committee to interview. The answer was no, a thousand times no.

Emily Jane Fox provided a fuller picture.

In interviews with more than a dozen alumni from area schools who graduated between the mid-1970s and the early 2000s, I repeatedly heard stories of parties spiraling into debauchery, with drunken, unsupervised teenagers coupling off with various degrees of privacy. Because the students came from a handful of schools, it was not uncommon for the party’s host to be a stranger. Indeed, many of the people I spoke with said they couldn’t necessarily pinpoint a particular house or give an address. “I remember my parents would say, ‘Whose party are you going to?’ And I’d say, ‘I have no idea,’” the Holton alumni who graduated in ’88 told me. “You’d just drive there and look for all the cars.” Another Holton alum, who was on the cheerleading squad with Ford, told me that the squad’s captains warned them not to go anywhere without two other people, and that if they were alone and drunk with local boys, the boys would say something had happened, whether it did or not. “This was like an organized sport,” she recalled. “It was very clear that they would pick out a girl and start complimenting them.”

Many witnessed moments like the one Ford described, or heard about them, or experienced them firsthand. “When I first read the story on Sunday, I said, ‘Of course this happened,’” a woman who graduated from Holton in the early 2000s told me. “This happened so much that there was nothing difficult to believe about what she’s saying. How could anyone doubt this? It felt personal to a lot of us, because her story is so similar to a lot of ours, and so the attacks on her felt personal.” …

Beyond the rats, which remind me of the right-wing tactics down in Florida during the Bush-Gore contretemps, there are other accusations against Brett “choir boy” Kavanaugh. At least one came in “anonymous,” which cannot be covered without names to the alleged incident.

Then there are the supposed “suppressed” yearbooks Blasey Ford.

A committee staffer told RealClearInvestigations, “We have her yearbooks,” which had been mysteriously scrubbed from the Web prior to Ford coming out with her allegations. “She will not make a good witness.”

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, noted that the annual class books feature a photo of an underage Ford attending at least one party, alongside a caption boasting of girls passing out from binge drinking. Her yearbooks also openly reference sexually promiscuous behavior by the girls, including targeting boys at Kavanaugh’s alma mater, Georgetown Prep, an all-boys school in the affluent Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Ford attended neighboring Holton-Arms School, an all-girls academy.

While congressional sources say Ford’s yearbooks could be an exhibit at the hearing, longtime Capitol Hill watchers caution that going after her reputation could backfire on Republicans.

“Targeting boys” is priceless.

It wasn’t two girls who pushed Brett Kavanaugh into a room, and when he screamed, put a hand over his mouth. The notion is preposterous.

Michael Avenatti‘s client Julie Swetnick (see video below) has a harrowing tale of “gang rapes,” of which she was a victim and names Brett Kavanaugh as allegedly being there with his friend Mark Judge when it happened.

Today will be difficult for Dr. Blasey Ford.

She is not alone.

Judge Kavanaugh’s biggest mistake is the same problem Donald Trump has, no empathy. No humility. The Fox News channel interview sealed his fate.

No man can be so squeaky clean, yet have such horrendous tales attached to his name.