November is Coming, Witness Republican Male Fear

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has readily acknowledged that he often drank beer during his prep school days and made a point in his congressional testimony that seniors could buy beer legally in Maryland at the age of 18. But Kavanaugh was never a legal drinker in that state when he was a high schooler — he was still 17 when that state’s drinking age was increased to 21 on July 1, 1982. Anyone who turned 18 after that date, including Kavanaugh’s classmates, also would have been unable to drink legally in the state. [Associated Press]

AFTER YESTERDAY’S epic tantrum by Brett Kavanaugh, does anyone doubt he could be a mean drunk?

No woman politician, let alone SCOTUS nominee, could get away with such a display of unhinged and entitled bellyaching.

As for Senator Lindsey Graham, he was unhinged yesterday because the majority party got whupped by a woman.

Don’t buy it? Read the latest from Ronan Farrow. Senator Chuck Grassley lied to the entire country on camera.

On Wednesday, several conservative-media outlets published leaks of some of the e-mail correspondence between Ramirez’s team and Republican committee staffers, which appeared to back up Grassley’s characterization. But a fuller copy of the e-mail correspondence between Ramirez’s legal team and Republican and Democratic Senate staffers shows that a Republican aide declined to proceed with telephone calls and instead repeatedly demanded that Ramirez produce additional evidence in written form. Only then could any conversation about her testimony proceed. The exchange culminated in a breakdown of communication between the two sides, as Republican and Democratic staffers traded accusations of stonewalling.

Who caused the GOP panic?

Her name is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and she spoke for so many of us.

After Trump won in 2016, we knew it would be a long road.

It still is.

But November is coming.

The smell emanating over Washington, D.C. is Republican male fear.

It’s what hit Senator Jeff Flake after the confrontation as he tried to get in the elevator. At least two sexual assault survivors confronted him. He is now asking for an F.B.I. investigation before a final Senate vote. A “gentleman’s agreement” with other “moderates” is what Flake believes will bring about an investigation.

Democrats WON the argument, even if not the SCOTUS seat.

As seen today, Republicans and Trump didn’t know the final cost of Kavanaugh, and now they do and don’t know how to get out of the chaos and fury their lies unleashed. A nation of women, many of whom have been assaulted or know someone close to them who has, is WOKE.

Everyone in American became a witness to Republican autocracy yesterday.

Take heart. America will not let what has happened since 2016 stand.

The long view is the toughest, but it is always the strongest path to progress.


UPDATE: This post was published before details of Senators Flake and Coons moving the drama away from the influence of McConnell & Trump emerged. Flake shocked everyone by living up to his rhetoric. It couldn’t have happened without a relationship with someone in the opposite party who understood the gravity the Kavanaugh hearing was for the country. Judge Kavanaugh is in some trouble given the lies he has told, some of them under oath.