Bill Cosby Sentence to 3-10 Years for Sexual Assault
photo: Bill Cosby’s mugshot

Earlier in the day, O’Neill declared the former TV star a “sexually violent predator.” The designation means that Cosby, who is legally blind, will be subject to lifetime reporting requirements, meaning that he will have to advise law enforcement authorities of where he is residing. [Variety]

THE FIRST conviction of a celebrity since #metoo began.

There is little about the Cosby case that applies to Kavanaugh’s case.

One thing does.

Cosby’s accuser waited 30 years for justice. A powerful celebrity against one woman.

A woman who steps up to accuse a man of sexual assault is always on her own.

Senator Chuck Grassley has decided to turn a hearing and job interview for Brett Kavanaugh into a trial setting and has now hired a female litigator to interrogate Dr. Blasey Ford.

Although Ford’s attorney wrote to Grassley on Monday night that his staff “still has not responded to a number of outstanding questions” about the hearing, including more details on how the female attorney would be engaged to speak on behalf of Judiciary Republicans’ all-male roster, the Iowan made clear that he views the hearing as locked in.. [Politico]

Thursday’s testimony is not a trial. It is a job interview.

Trump, a man who admitted sexual assault on tape and is accused by over a dozen women of sexual assault, has now attacked the second woman who came forward to accuse Kavanaugh. The allegations are a “con game.”

All of these tales from the past put in doubt Brett Kavanaugh’s character.

Republicans will not be stopped from putting another man on the Supreme Court with open hostility toward women.

November 6th is coming.

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