DeSantis Tells Florida Voters Not to ‘Monkey Around’

ANDREW GULLUM shocked Democrats, Floridians, and everyone else.

BuzzFeed found the reason why.

Many in the Florida Democratic political ecosystem and media in Florida missed it. It could have been that pollsters, which had Gillum at third or even fourth for most of the campaign, weren’t sampling enough black voters — or that Gillum did in fact surge, as his campaign said to a disbelieving political press corps.

But black Floridians all over the state, from Duval County down to Miami-Dade, echoed a sense of duty to make sure that Gillum got elected, citing his charisma, an effect of warmth and empathy, a kind of compassionate progressivism that sees everybody which defined his campaign and in the end catapulted him to victory Tuesday.

Ron DeSantis didn’t waste time reducing Mr. Gillum.

DeSantis called him an “articulate,” “charismatic” man and said “he performed better” than anyone else.

I was born and raised in Missouri, a hotbed of racism, so I know what this means without translation.

In the racial slur DeSantis used, he didn’t even bother to pick an old standby. He made up a new racist slogan just for Andrew Gillum.

How bad was it?

Fox News Channel delivered a statement afterward, saying they didn’t condone the language used.

Senator Sanders came in to campaign for Gillum, but he was a Clinton delegate. So Gillum had the whole Democratic coalition out to help GOTV.

It’s the only way to win.