Trump Knew Putin Interfered, Cover Up Began on Inauguration
photo via Trump on Instagram, public domain


The White House has been engaged in an elaborate cover up.

From the moment Donald Trump was inaugurated, he knew about the Russian interference in the 2016 election.

From David Sanger in the New York Times

Two weeks before his inauguration, Donald J. Trump was shown highly classified intelligence indicating that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia had personally ordered complex cyberattacks to sway the 2016 American election.

The evidence included texts and emails from Russian military officers and information gleaned from a top-secret source close to Mr. Putin, who had described to the C.I.A. how the Kremlin decided to execute its campaign of hacking and disinformation.

The Trump White House continues to aid Putin. The latest travesty revolves around Putin’s personal request to interrogate former ambassador Michael McFaul.

Spencer Ackerman reports

Current and former American diplomats are expressing disgust and horror over the White House’s willingness to entertain permitting Russian officials to question a prominent former U.S. ambassador. One serving diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he was “at a fucking loss” over comments that can be expected to chill American diplomacy in hostile or authoritarian countries – a comment echoed by former State Department officials as well.

Daniel Drezner wants a discussion about treason.

He is not the only one.

Oh, and while we’re at it. Let’s dissect the Russian hooker spy, Maria Butina, who bamboozled conservatives and the National Rifle Association.

That Republican gun owners were duped into believing there are “gun rights” in Russia is the most hilariously ignorant nugget to surface in Trump’s treasonous efforts to destroy our country’s prowess around the world.