North Korea Skewers Trump, But ‘When You Want it Bad, You Get it Bad’
(Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

But in fact, the outcome of this first formal effort to test Kim Jong Un’s sincerity about denuclearizing was utterly predictable. Trump’s impulsive acceptance of the first summit between a North Korean leader and an American president was always going to be largely ceremonial. But the President’s exaggerated and frequently false claims of tangible success afterward raised the stakes impossibly high. – Andrea Mitchell [NBC News]

DUELING REVIEWS and other tidbits about the meeting between Trump administration officials, led by Secretary Mike Pompeo, and the North Korean representatives came to the point of hilarity on Saturday.

“’We had many hours of productive conversations,’” Pompeo told reporters.

The North Koreans had a different experience. AP’s reporting is extraordinary. The quote in the title of this post came from them.

But in a harsh response issued just hours after Pompeo arrived in Tokyo, the North blasted the discussions, saying the visit had been “regrettable” and that Washington’s “gangster-like” demands were aimed at forcing it to abandon nuclear weapons.

The rest of the North Korean statement is…well…as stunning as it was predictable.

Why would Kim denuclearize?

Trump is desperate and our adversaries, and the world leaders who once were our allies know it.

The White House bubble is so tight reality can no longer squeeze through.

“First of all you’ve got to be honest with yourself. For the president to come home and say ‘the nuclear threat from North Korea is gone, you can sleep safely at night,’ is an element of fantasy. So you have to have realistic, achievable, negotiating goals and deal with them from a position of strength and maintain your allies. We’re doing none of that.” – retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey