New on Kindle Unlimited, An Arousing Psychological Thriller Series

Amazon introduced a new Kindle feature on Wednesday: Termed “buy for others,” the feature lets users buy multiple copies of an ebook, allowing authors to purchase review copies for their fans. [Forbes]

THRILLERS, I write. So, some news.

The Beltway Series is new on Kindle Unlimited.

I want and need more readers, and reviews.

The article referenced at the top is on my FB author page, but I wanted to make sure other readers saw it.

One of the biggest beefs I hear from indie authors is the challenge of the “disappeared” review. Many are 5-star reviews posted on Amazon that cannot be verified. These reviews often come through a system authors use for new releases called ARCs, an advanced reader copy of your book. The result intended is a review from readers who are fans, which is why they get an advanced copy.

The number of reviews matter to authors, because visibility within the Amazon site, as seen through their chart and bestseller features, is predicated on categories, with 50 reviews one marker. An author’s visibility ticks up within book searches, and the page(s) of the book with 50 reviews has more relevant books on it for readers to consider.

This first foray into Amazon Kindle Unlimited is a perfect slot for The Beltway Series. I hope readers find the series, enjoy it, and take the time to offer a review.

There is a reason indie authors work to crack the KU code. The Atlantic spelled it out… “Money, money, money, money, MO-NEY.


There’s a secret.

A woman heard whimpering in a parking garage.

A dark side to the powerfully rich exposed.

Alex at the center of it all.

He had everything but her… The black sea in the dark night battered the shore, mist targeting him like tears, mocking his despondency but mistaking his mood. He could hear the boom of the waves but couldn’t see the sea. The moon in the sky created a light beam across the black water that appeared to be a celestial bridge… But Brian wasn’t thinking about romantic images.

T.J. was in her bed.

…and Brian wanted Alex back.

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