Vogue Arabia Drives Message

THE WOMAN on the cover of Vogue Arabia is Princess Hayfa bint Abdullah al-Saud. The June issue is “a celebration of the trailblazing women of Saudi Arabia.”

Vogue is taking heat over it because of May arrests of women activists, some of whom remain jailed.

From Human Rights Watch

Saudi authorities have arrested at least two more human rights activists since May 15, 2018, when it began a large-scale crackdown on women’s rights activists and other supporters, Human Rights Watch said today. Saudi activists fear more arrests are forthcoming, as the crackdown overshadows the expected government announcement that the ban on women driving is to end in June.

On May 24, Saudi Authorities arrested Mohammed al-Bajadi, a founding member of the now-banned Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), one of Saudi Arabia’s first civic organizations…

Twitter was cruel.

“A Saudi princess is on the cover of @VogueArabia to celebrate women finally being allowed to drive. Yet, her family is currently jailing the pioneering women that actually fought for that right,” wrote another.

“Let’s put a princess who never struggled from the driving ban on the cover,” wrote one user. “Who her family issued the driving ban in the first place, put so many women in jail for driving, and just imprisoned prominent women’s rights activists who risked their life and freedom to lift the ban.”

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Trump’s new best Arabian friend, issued a royal decree to remove the ban on women driving, along with other reforms.

Vogue Arabia’s cover is perfect. It drives into the message and demands a response.

Meanwhile, in Iran…