“It was always more fan fiction than reality that Justice Anthony Kennedy was a moderate centrist. … The man who wanted everyone to speak to one another civilly and respectfully did what everyone else has done this year and threw in the towel.” – Dahlia Lithwick [Slate]

Kennedy Retires, It’s Midterm War

LIBERTARIANS are frustrating. Justice Anthony Kennedy was both.

Now the rush to nominate is on. Senator McConnell promising a vote this fall. He wants it done before the midterm elections.

Prepare for the steamroll.

Democrats are pressing the McConnell Rule. No Supreme Court votes in an election year. They need a stronger plan than that.

Rachel Maddow sent a message last tonight. With visions of red-state Democrats tripping in her head. She’s worried Senate Democrats won’t hold together. Hoping (yet again) that Senator Collins won’t vote for someone who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Chris Matthews blew a gasket on MSNBC because his gut fears there is no way to hold off McConnell and Trump but his heart won’t accept it.

Senator Schumer is up against it.

One thing is for sure. Trump has his midterm rallying cry.