Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Victory Stuns Democratic Elite

NO TIME for white men in the Democratic Party.

A former intern for the great Senator Edward M. Kennedy, and with degrees in economics and international relations, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slapped the crap out of the Democratic establishment.

After her opponent Representative Joseph Crowley, an elite incumbent who thought he was headed for the House speakership, decided she was so insignificant that he sent a stand-in to the debate.

It’s the definition of entitlement that we see every day from the Administration.

A woman, a declared socialist, and a Medicare for all proponent, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez sent a message with her victory.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi can forget about being speaker of the House, should Democrats take it back.

Tear it down, people.

The Democratic Party isn’t working for everyone.

Ask the Obama voters who walked away from the party to vote TRUMP.