Michelle Wolf Delivered Truth – It Hurt

THE WHITE House Correspondents Association asked a female comedian to entertain. When Michelle Wolf delivered the WHCA freaked out.

Celebrating journalism doesn’t mean these insiders want to applaud free expression by a performer who isn’t interested in access.

Michelle Wolf torched the place.

It’s art versus “the appropriate” in a setting where journalists celebrate the importance of the fourth estate with people they cover.

The collision of entertainment and propriety is always calamitous.

Comedy is not about being comfortable.

The hyperbole over Michelle Wolf’s routine was demonstrated best by Mika Brzezinski, who concocted a critique of the female comedian out of thin air.

Michelle Wolf said absolutely nothing about Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks. Wolf did eviscerate the way Mrs. Sanders lies from the White House podium, something that Ms. Brzezinski has mentioned many times.

It makes me wonder if Brzezinski saw Wolf’s entire routine.

Wolf plugged the film “Chappaquiddick” after a joke about Ted Kennedy and a dead girl. Her timing was flawless and she spared no one.

It’s jarring when our most elite journalists target an entertainer after she’s invited to do what she does best. I guess Know Your Value only applies if you color inside the lines like a good girl.

Wolf showed up and delivered what she does every time she goes on stage.

Washington, D.C., is called “Hollywood for ugly people.”

At present, it’s also a place for untalented people who don’t know what they’re doing.

Comedy boils down reality to its essence.

The truth hurts.