Trump Dumps Classified Nunes Memo to Thwart Mueller Investigation

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation has gathered enough steam that some lawyers representing key Donald Trump associates are considering the possibility of a historic first: an indictment against a sitting president. While many legal experts contend that Mueller lacks the standing to bring criminal charges against Trump, at least two attorneys working with clients swept up in the Russia probe told POLITICO they consider it possible that Mueller could indict the president for obstruction of justice. [Politico]

TRUMP declassified a staff memo based on cherry-picked classified information. Representative Nunes put together a team to do a hit job on the FBI and the intelligence community.

Hearing the attorneys for Rick Gates have changed, the Trump White House is looking at a man who can strip the cover off of Paul Manafort‘s byzantine world of oligarchs and other greedy characters, possibly leading into Trump’s financial world.

The Nunes Memo reveals the open nervousness inside the White House.

President Trump hopes to pick off a career civil servant, Rod Rosenstein, because he’s Robert Mueller‘s boss. The Russia investigation is the ultimate target, with Trump and his partisan hacks hoping to get a friendlier person in Rosenstein’s spot. Someone who could shrink the scope of Mueller’s investigation until it no longer exits.

In a nutshell, as NBC’s chief legal analyst confirmed, the Memo claims the applications to get a warrant to monitor Carter Page were “infected” by Christopher Steele, who had strong feelings against Donald Trump.

But did Andrew McCabe say that without the Steele Dossier Carter Page would not have been surveilled? He’s been pushed out of the FBI, so what are Trump and his partisan hacks after?

If you wondered how freaked out the White House and Trump loyalists are about the Mueller probe, picture flop sweat on Trump’s tight pink forehead when you read the Nunes Memo.

It should be noted that some of the dates cited are wrong, so the factual basis of the Nunes Memo is in question.

Russia thanks all of the Republicans involved in dumping this cherry-picked Memo into the public domain, while sewing a civil war between the White House and their henchmen, and the FBI and intelligence community.

Our founders didn’t bet on a political party taking the side of a foreign power against the sovereignty of the United States of America.

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