Ivanka Doesn’t Believe the Women

“I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he’s affirmatively stated there’s no truth to it.” – Ivanka Trump

IT IS tough business being a delusional daughter when you’re also playing the role of White House senior adviser.

It’s doubtful that Ivanka Trump comprehends a man like her father. A serial philanderer. A man who has admitted grabbing women “by the pussy” because when you’re “a star” you can do anything. A man whose world is held together by the lies he tells.

Lies that must be debunked because of malicious acts by the president that include targeting the Justice Department and the F.B.I., by resembling an agent provocateur.

Courageous public servants weren’t distracted. I offer, from Vox, the adventures of a patriot, Rep. Adam Schiff…

Schiff quotes a lengthy passage from the actual application the FBI sent to the FISA court asking for permission to snoop on Page. In the key line, the application explicitly notes that “the FBI speculates” that Steele had been hired to find “information that could be used to discredit Candidate #1’s [Trump’s] campaign.”

That’s it. That’s the ballgame. The FBI clearly states right there in the FISA application that they believe Steele was hired to find dirt on Trump. Since the core contention of the Nunes memo is that the FBI didn’t do that, Nunes’s entire argument falls apart.

The entitlement Ivanka wears in the interview with NBC’s Peter Alexander above was rehearsed without thinking about the audience beyond the besotted.

The daughter of the president thinks she shouldn’t be asked questions about issues on which her father has proclaimed his innocence.

This alternative reality won’t serve her long-term.

Being a daughter of a man who has no moral or ethical compass is difficult as senior campaign advisers plead guilty, or are indicted.

Being the wife of a man under increased Special Counsel scrutiny, her denial rehearsals will become more intense. …and more extreme, by necessity.

The White House bubble is getting tighter.

…more claustrophobic inside it.

Ivanka’s carefully sculpted world is cracking because she chose not to think for herself.

What she has no right to do as an adviser to the president is refuse to answer a reporter’s question about a subject roiling our cultural and business landscapes.

The president’s extramarital ways have been Page 1 news for a year and a half, and the topic continues to consume the press as new allegations about his conduct surface. If anything, it would be inappropriate to withhold such a vital question from public discussion, especially from an assistant to the president. – Jack Schafer [Politico]

Instead of helping women, Ivanka Trump is doubting over a dozen women who have accused the President of assault or sexual harassment — and at least two women who have been paid for their silence after alleged affairs.

After watching her father all of these years does Ivanka think she can peddle her father’s lies more effectively because she’s a woman, and people won’t dare challenge her?

She’s dreaming.

She also looks like a fool.

Ivanka has always used privilege as her parachute.

…and the Trump name for entry.

Beauty won’t be enough in disgrace.