Chief of Staff John Kelly Ignored Rob Porter’s Spousal Abuse

“If you want to serve the public, & you want to lead by example, and particularly if you want to be on the staff of the president of the United States. You cannot beat the hell out of your spouse. It is illegal and it is immoral.” – Sen. John Kennedy, LA

WHITE HOUSE counsel Don McGahn knew a year ago about Rob Porter’s spousal abuse. And even though it meant the President Trump‘s closest aide couldn’t get a security clearance, Chief of Staff John Kelly ignored the allegations from two of hid ex-wives.

From Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman

Among the many people agitated this week over John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, was President Trump. And among the people the president called to express dissatisfaction, according to those close to him, was none other than Reince Priebus, the previous chief of staff, who also irritated Mr. Trump.

… Mr. Porter was also a favorite of Mr. Kelly’s and viewed as one of the most competent members of an often dysfunctional White House team. Some friends expressed concern that Mr. Kelly had changed with his association with Mr. Trump and grown too insulated in the White House bubble.

Mr. Kelly has previously played down accusations against someone he believed served a greater goal. He appeared as a character witness in a 2016 court-martial of a Marine colonel accused of sexually harassing two female subordinates. Mr. Kelly praised the colonel as a “superb Marine officer.”

Mr. Kelly has spent much of his six months trying to clear out the White House of staff members he viewed as problematic, and colleagues have credited him with reducing internal feuding as a result. But even those efforts have caused him trouble…

John Kelly one said that women should be seen as “sacred.” For some of us, that’s exactly the opposite of how we want to be perceived. It’s the tortured Women on A Pedestal mindset that’s been a disaster for women.

We are human beings who want equal power. Modern women don’t need a religious aura painted around them, so men loathe themselves when they don’t meet some mythical standard. Resentments only rise with this type of separation designation.

John Kelly has failed in his position of chief of staff because he puts men’s worth above women.