Stormy Daniels Confirms Affair with Donald Trump

At one point, Stormy told In Touch, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. “When I came out, he was sitting on the bed and he was like, ‘Come here.’ And I was like, ‘Ugh, here we go.’ And we started kissing.” After having sex, Stormy said, “We hung out for a little while and he just kept saying, ‘I’m gonna call you, I’m gonna call you. I have to see you again. You’re amazing. We have to get you on The Apprentice.’” [In Touch]

THE ADULT ACTRESS Stormy Daniels met Donald Trump at Wicked Picture’s gift lounge during an event.

“Then he asked me if I wanted to have dinner that night. And I was like, ‘Yeah, of course!’” she told In Touch. Stormy, dressed up to go out on the town, arrived at Trump’s hotel room, where she says she was greeted by a bodyguard named Keith, who let her inside. Stormy claims Trump was sprawled on the couch watching TV, wearing pajama pants. “We ended up having dinner in the room,” she revealed to In Touch.

It doesn’t matter how rich a man is. If he greets you by sitting on his ass in his pajamas, dump him. You’ll save yourself a lot grief.

The Wall Street Journal broke the initial story.

I can hear Mr. Trump now…

“Don’t worry about it. The base is gonna love it.”

And Stormy Daniels has a new brand.

Trump’s base is her audience.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal has a new report that Trump’s lawyer set up a shell company to pay the adult actress. It seems our president is allowing himself to become vulnerable to blackmail and extortion on several fronts. The extent to which this is true is unknown at this point.