Smearing FBI, Disgraced Republican Nunes on Warpath
graphic via The Daily Beast

“It now appears that the GOP intends to seek further dissemination of this classified information, this time to the public,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said in a statement, adding that Democrats had drafted a counter-memo “setting out the relevant facts and exposing the misleading character of the Republicans’ document so that members of the House are not left with an erroneous impression of the dedicated professionals at the FBI and DOJ.” – Betsy Woodruff, Spencer Ackerman [The Daily Beast]

NO INSTITUTION is above scrutiny but what Representative Devin Nunes is doing is what he’s done from the beginning of Donald Trump‘s presidency.

First, Nunes is ignoring the facts, and warnings from the Justice Department, as are Republicans helping the disgraced congressman.

[Ron Hosko, who formerly headed the FBI’s criminal investigative division] added that members of Congress who argue that the FBI hastily obtained a surveillance order known as a FISA warrant based on British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier of salacious allegations are nothing but conspiracy theorists.

“I think there are people who are intent on damaging the FBI, facts be damned,” he said.

Ali Soufan, a retired FBI counterterrorism special agent, warned that the attacks on the bureau were draining their accusers’ credibility.

“Some of the Republicans attacking the FBI are isolating themselves from otherwise sympathetic FBI agents. It’s no secret that the FBI tends to lean conservative,” Soufan said.

Let’s also remember who launched the final torpedo into Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was former FBI Director James Comey, who is a registered Republican.

Trump and the Republicans are doing Russia’s bidding by weakening the institutions of our democratic republic.

While progressives plan primary challenges to Democrats who didn’t hold the line on the shutdown, Republicans are targeting our country’s foundation.

The country is whipped up but you wouldn’t know it by the DCCC response. From The Intercept’s must read

“The DCCC recognizes that the path to the majority is through the Blue Dogs,” Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., chair of the Blue Dog PAC, told Politico. For party officials concerned about raising cash, Blue Dogs are a safe bet. Public disclosures with the Federal Election Commission show that the Blue Dog PAC is fueled by the biggest spenders on congressional campaigns on K Street, the term Washingtonians use colloquially to refer to a center of lobbyist shops. PAC money from the National Mining Association, AT&T, McKesson, Comcast, the National Restaurant Association, and other business interests have buoyed Blue Dog PAC coffers, which are spent recruiting and financing moderate Democrats. – Ryan Grimm [The Intercept]

…and 2018 has only begun.