Photo Catapults Al Franken Over Moore… and Trump

IVANKA TRUMP said, “she’ll keep fighting for women’s issues.” But she and the White House have been silent on sexual predator Roy Moore. It matters today because Senator Al Franken has now been shamed and faces an ethics investigation for behavior he exhibited as a comedian on a USO Tour.

Show business was my life for 25 years and if I had a nickel every time I was sexually harassed I’d be a billionaire. Different generation, different time, no recourse. In the 1980s, I filed an EEOC complaint against a man. It was a horrific legal nightmare because of what a woman had to go through to be heard. Sexual assault is also part of my personal resume but this post isn’t about me. I share these details because I know this subject as well or better than most. #MeToo

Senator Al Franken will face congressional judgment. He’s earned it because his behavior was reprehensible and he will have to take whatever punishment his colleagues decide. It could be censorship or worse because the photograph has been treated as more damning than all the words of underage girls against Roy Moore.

Franken is the only elected official so far to publicly face the sexual gauntlet. Now, Melanie Morgan of Media Equalizer has recounted an experience she had with him. More bad news for him which he’ll have to suffer. A lout deserves nothing less.

We should ask about the men in Congress who have cost taxpayers $15 million dollars which were paid out in over ten-plus years. The women who are survivors of these congressional harassers were stuck with a non-disclosure agreement, as well as mandatory arbitration. Legalities prohibit their names being said in public.

If President Bill Clinton had been exposed through photography he wouldn’t have survived. He was disbarred, impeached, and will face the judgment of history which will be harsh. Again, he earned it through heinous behavior.

The 1990s aren’t wearing well as women get the courage to stand up.

Vice President Joe Biden has been put in this pile because he’s way too touchy-feely for modern times. Certain progressives also say his behavior during the Anita Hill hearings makes another candidacy for president a non-starter. Back when women were fighting for a bathroom.

Compare these men to Donald J. Trump.

Party affiliation makes no difference. Sexual harassment, misogyny, and sexism are as American as naked pictures on the Internet.

Boys will be boys. Amiright?

Combing through history for the way a man treated women in the last thirty years makes my head hurt. When you look at Weinstein’s threats, Mossad mission to discredit women, and the power he used to blackball actresses, let’s be mindful of what is being done.

And let’s not pretend all misogynist assholes are equal even if they’re all reprehensible.

Republicans jumped on Franken but never said a word about Trump.

George H.W. Bush has another accuser. What should we do about it?

Pandora’s box has been ripped open and there’s no bottom.

Maybe the boys need a monthly Sexual Harassment Disclosure Day. When past behavior can be revealed, healed, & condemnation delivered.

I may be alone in this but I don’t want any man’s job, although it depends on the case. I’d prefer shame, repentance, and redemption, along with 5-figure donations to women’s groups, and activism on our behalf. I’ve been consistent going back to William Jefferson Clinton.

All of these revelations mean nothing if a photograph damns a man over serial misogynists, sexists, and predators like Anthony Weiner, Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein and James Toback.

Gentlemen, come out, come out, wherever you are.

And, ladies, keep on exposing the culture that has kept a woman from being president for 200 years. We can’t be commander in chief when the most powerful group in this country — males — has us by the tits.

UPDATE: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says President Bill Clinton should have resigned. Reaction in Clintonworld was swift.