McConnell Answers the Question: “I believe the women, yes”

“I believe the women, yes,” Mr. McConnell said at a news conference in Louisville. [New York Times]

ROY MOORE has been asked to step down as the Republican Senate candidate for Alabama.

When the allegations surfaced, women journalists asked one question: Do you believe the women? The first time I heard it was from Nicole Wallace on MSNBC.

The media took on Roy Moore and Alabama’s cultural obscenity of looking the other way. They unmasked Sean Hannity‘s pedophile protection racket on Fox News channel. The win at all cost strategy of Steve Bannon, who backed Moore after Hannity pushed him.

Next step is a write-in campaign, “an option we’re looking at,” Senator McConnell stated.

The constant barrage by media, social media, and former sex abuse survivors shamed Republicans.

It’s a moment in history.

Yes, we believe the women.

The history of sexual survival bled out across America this fall.

It’s one new step toward ridding our country of the belief only men have power.

#FireHannity is trending on Twitter.