Ambition, Deceit, and Diabolical Mind Games
A voyage into stark memories and closed spaces.

TO CONTROL the machinations of your own mind takes vigilance.

Meditation helps. It takes practice… and sometimes you lose it.

Olivia Stark has reached her mid-twenties. For a Hollywood teen star, it’s a formidable point.

Pressure builds for her to find a project to catapult her career beyond limbo. It begins at a film industry charity event in Sin City drawing big-name producers, including the most powerful African American woman producer/director, Vivika James. Olivia is convinced she holds the secret to her future.

Have you been there? A moment in life when events pushed you to make things happen. Manipulate a situation at work to your advantage.

Take a risk without a moment to weigh the dangers.

Olivia makes a choice which catches her in a treacherous maze of deceit, mistaken identity, and diabolical mind games.

The trip to Las Vegas turns upside down when Olivia becomes privy to a secret… and events combust in a way no one expected.

A bombshell opens a hatch for Olivia to spy into the deep recesses of an eerie past.

But what makes someone snap?

“More than half of the psychopaths I have studied reported that they had been exposed to a parenting style that could be placed on either extreme of these scales. Either they lived in a situation where no one cared, where the child is subjected to total control and must be submissive, or the child has been subjected to a neglectful parenting style.” [How a psychopath is made]

It’s complicated. A voyage into stark memories and closed spaces. Where our damaged parts are cordoned off.

Jeremy Durant gets involved to save Olivia from herself. He respects Olivia’s strengths but the risks are greater than she’s calculated. A situation of tension and danger, the ultimate tickler for lust.

Olivia’s life is jeopardized by her own choices. It’s the way she lives. She goes after what she wants willing to pay the price.

Mind games start. Torment becomes the seduction.

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