Sexism, Hollywood and Novels

The cascade of revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s allegedly terrible and lewd behavior has unearthed plenty of victims—scores of them, in fact. But the story may have revealed other, different kinds of casualties, as well: similar, unnamed men in powerful positions who prey upon the less powerful, and their allies, who silently and tacitly accept bad behavior as—in the words of Weinstein’s former lawyer—the stuff that “old dinosaurs” do. – Alex Wagner

THIS IS a subject that makes its way into my novels.

The double-standard in Hollywood for women is a dramatic story. It’s one part of a woman’s experience where business meets art.

Women have freely utilized their sex appeal because it was part of the entry fee and the agreement was open and her choice. I know this from personal experience.

The predatory aspect of Hollywood sexism that Harvey Weinstein blew wide open is forced. See Ben Affleck’s recent Twitter apology.

Olivia Stark is a character that spins off from The Beltway Series, Book 1 — that series now complete — and escorts us into her exclusive world. This is a story of a woman who must choose how far she will go to get what she wants.

There are many obstacles to women’s success in Hollywood (and beyond) that don’t apply to men.

Excerpt from Olivia’s diary (A #free novella on Amazon): Diary of a Hollywood Hottie …and Other Starlet Indignities


January 22

…“I’m not going to be 20-something forever. I’ve got five years.
That was a stark realization.
Look at all the men on TV; look at the women. My mom used to say that men get “distinguished” as they get older. She said that all the time about Sean Connery.
Women get OLD.
There’s a whole different set of rules for starlets.
Be desired, or your career is d.e.a.d.
There’s got to be a way to neuter the age effect. That’s what men do, and they accomplish it through power.” […]

Pressure can change a person’s drive.

You will meet a different Olivia Stark in my next novel. She is determined to play roles that represent who she is as a talent, not just for her looks.

This drive if taken to extremes can lead to unintended consequences.

Olivia’s Turn is my new psychological thriller out late this fall.

It’s like no other book I’ve written.

I’ve opened a new door.