Russia, Social Media & Democrats

“We know that the US got caught asleep at the wheel on this… That’s the truth of it.” – Keir Simmons, NBC News [Deadline White House]

FINALLY, someone who’s an expert on something beyond partisan fervor says what needed to be said a long time ago.

Part of that is due to President Trump and Special Counsel Mueller‘s probe.

Who wants to bring up the Democrats’ part in the 2016 debacle when the juiciest part of the intrigue has yet to folding?

Twitter has responded to the outcry.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote a post on Facebook as Yom Kippur concluded, after stonewalling got him awful press.

Google and YouTube await their moment in the public spotlight…

Loyalists of Hillary Clinton continue to point to the media as the bane of her presidential aspirations in 2016. If that’s true, it wasn’t for the reasons HRC and her fans continue to press. But that’s something I’ve already addressed, so no need to do it again.

I’m wondering if Democrats will ever face their own role in Russia’s intervention in our election last year and the lack of urgency that was expressed by the entire Democratic establishment.

On Facebook, we got in a discussion after I raised this point. Here is what I wrote in response to a few questions. It’s verbatim. On Facebook, I usually talk in shorthand. There isn’t time to do much else; I’m finishing my third novel.

President Obama was a very good POTUS… Obama’s decision to cede power to McConnell on whether to warn the American people re: Russia caused HRC more problems than anything she & her most ardent supporters are talking about re: media. Why Dems didn’t stand up together and say: Russia is trying to steal this election. We need all hands on deck, all Dems, independents & American patriots to rise up with us to stand against foreign intervention in our democracy. Obama should have made it a democracy-saving act to VOTE. And to digress further, when Obama blinked on Syria, Putin got a different message: America is ripe for take-down. This gives me no goddamn pleasure to write.

After the DNC hack what happened? What did Dems do? Investigators, etc. knew in the summer of 2016 what was going on. Christ, Richard Clarke warned us 2 decades ago. It’s concerning that Dems remain in denial. Or worse, they’re not talking about how deeply they’re responsible for knee-capping HRC by their inaction because it would be an indictment on issues of national security.

That they had the power through Obama’s presidency to mount a full-scale offensive response to Putin’s machinations to ruin HRC’s presidential hopes. “[insert Dem name here starting with Obama] assumed Hillary would win.” Only a Democratic man would think HRC was a sure win. (I’ve already written Mrs. Clinton made mistakes that helped Trump to defeat her so I don’t need to add them here.)

Donald Trump was allowed to benefit off of Vladimir Putin‘s narcissistic revenge against Hillary Clinton because nobody in the Democratic party understood that the media wasn’t the only adversary she was facing.

Hubris and incompetence — of the Democratic establishment — were two others.