Puerto Rico Catastrophe Unmasks Trump

The one thing we can say for sure is that it’s essentially inconceivable that the next objectively difficult crisis that Trump fumbles will be more in Kelly’s wheelhouse than a disaster requiring a military response in the Caribbean. We’re witnessing the Trump administration at peak performance and it’s appalling. Bismarck supposedly said that God has a special providence for fools, drunks, and the United States of America. If we’re lucky he’ll be proven right and nothing much else bad will happen for the next three years. If not, buckle your seatbelts. – Matthew Yglesias [Vox.com]

POLITICAL writers, analysts, and commentators seem to agree on one thing about President Trump. At his worst, the Trump base will stay with him. What people disagree about is whether the number of people in his base is enough to save his presidency and political future.

If incompetence was criminal Donald J. Trump and his administration would be indicted over the lack of response to Puerto Rico.

Where was former General John Kelly in all of this. He knows what the military can do and had to know that the Administration’s job was to get out in front of the second Cat-4-5 hurricane to hit Puerto Rico.

The American citizenry has been revealed for what it has always been.

Maybe the transparency will save us.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube hold our democratic republic in their tubes.

Nothing can resurrect this nation until more people vote Democratic across every g*#!&%n state.

…and since we must have an opposition, let’s hope Republicans amass and primary Trump.