… Several SWAT teams were sent to the hotel immediately after the first reports of the shooting at 10:08 p.m., and officers overheard on police radio reported being pinned down by gunfire. Shortly before midnight the Las Vegas police reported that “one suspect is down,” and soon thereafter the police said they did not believe there were any more active gunmen. The Las Vegas police said Monday that 50 people were killed and 406 people had been taken to the hospital. [The New York Times]

ON THE 32nd floor in Mandalay Bay, the man had a wide and deep target area before him.

With a fully automatic weapon (as I believe it was), no one was safe. Nevada is a big gun state, lots of collectors. This white man was something else. The scene is at the far end of the Las Vegas Strip, opposite end of Strip from Wynn’s hotels.

Perfect site for DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

Las Vegas is a place I know because my hubby lived there for over 40 years. He’s visiting his 6 kids, and grandkids, none of whom were at the concert. Talked to him. The whole family is distraught and can barely talk about it. He was close to tears, couldn’t speak. For residents, their hearts are broken.

Great hospitals in Las Vegas. My husband was shot with a .22 caliber while doing his job as a gas technician and almost died (long before I met him). If a Cooke County surgeon hadn’t visited a colleague that night, I might not have met him. The nurses, docs & others can work miracles. They saved his life and they can save others, too.

This incident was one reason why I insisted he get a concealed carry; the other was he had a business that took him out alone in the Nevada desert. I’d guess concealed carry permits will rise after this.

Nevada will NEVER change.

And crazy white crackers will always find the components they need to make the weapons they want.

We must all have a wonderful day to spite the S.O.B. who did this. He dared to think his DOMESTIC TERRORISM would mute the good that happens every day in America.

photos via The New York Times