Bob Corker Stands Alone, Trump Hangs On

Sen. Bob Corker’s brutal assessment of Trump’s fitness for office — warning that his reckless behavior could launch the nation “on the path to World War III” — also landed like a thunderclap inside the White House, where aides feared possible ripple effects among other Republicans on Capitol Hill. – Robert Costa [Washington Post]

BACK WHEN I was a partisan scalp hunter, a Senate race in Tennessee exploded on the national radar.

Harold Ford, Jr. versus Bob Corker: The negative ads run against Harold Ford, Jr. smacked of racism. The campaign is well-remembered. Ford was depicted as a bachelor dandy and you can imagine the rest. I chronicled the money for the Patriot Project during this 2006 race, which is posted on HuffPost. Bob Corker was the beneficiary of the despicable anti-Ford ads. Sometimes denials don’t cut it.

No politician should be made into an altruistic symbol. Bob Corker is just one example of a politician ensnared by his donors’ actions. How many Democrats knew and ignored Harvey Weinstein’s serial sexual harassment and indecent exposure allegations?

A lot of winks and nods got us here.

Senator Bob Corker‘s recent remarks about President Trump sound like trumpets to me but I admit to desperation.

From the safety of not running for reelection, whatever it takes.

Somebody has to play Senator Barry Goldwater in this reality soap opera.

Corker can be the voice heard above the swamp.

An echo waiting to catch air.

I’m hearing moans from people who scoffed at the idea of voting for Clinton but who are now nervous or terrified or dread what Trump could trip on foreign policy.

The media can’t help itself, so Senator Corker’s words have taken on a deeper meaning. He’s speaking for a lot of other Republicans who don’t want the grief before an election year.

The cruel irony of multiple choice candidates is that our country’s fate still turns on two Wall Street-supported political parties.

The savage truth is people revolted in 2016 and didn’t care what they got in return.

Steve Bannon intends to take this theory out for a ride so Senator Bob Corker could be standing by himself for a long time.