Trump’s U.N. Speech
screen capture via Instagram

The headline obviously was the threat to destroy North Korea if we are forced to defend ourselves. If the point of the speech was to get the world to take notice, this surely succeeded. But it’s still an open question of what exactly the administration’s North Korea policy is — a rhetorically forceful version of the usual hope that we can get China to pressure North Korea and eventually sit down to negotiate again with Pyongyang, or something different? – ‘Holy Sh**’: Trump at the U.N., by Rich Lowry

WHAT WAS that?

Stephen Miller handed his boss a bunch of words and the President said them.

What they mean, no one knows. Literally.

No one has a clue what Trump’s U.N. speech will mean for American foreign policy.

He’s been gnashing to dump the Iran deal. His rhetoric at UNGA backed this up. So, there’s that possibility. Stupid, but still possible.

The Trump administration has brought us to the brink with North Korea, too.

There is no person more enticed by war than someone ignorant of its limitations.

Donald Trump is the new Qaddafi of the United Nations General Assembly. … [New Republic]