N.F.L. Takes a Knee, Stands Against Trump Attack
screen capture, BuzzFeed

In the midst of an eighty-minute speech intended to heighten the reëlection prospects of Senator Luther Johnson Strange III, Trump turned his attention to N.F.L. players, including the former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and asked a mainly white crowd if “people like yourselves” agreed with his anger at “those people,” players who take a knee during the national anthem to protest racism. – David Remnick

SYMBOLISM in times of cultural and political upheaval matters. It doesn’t move policy but it can start a wave.

Trump’s arrogance is surpassed only by his ignorance. Asking for a boycott of the N.F.L. in his honor is the dregs of chuzpah.

When symbolism attaches to a politician, pushed by the most powerful brands in the world, American Sports Led By African Americans and People Of Color, the symbolism takes on wider terrain.

A lot has been said about 2020 already, for which Trump is responsible, a pending primary challenger expected. Mueller’s investigation is the exclamation on top of unknowns.

President Trump’s presidency is a symbol of old America.

If today’s Democrats understood symbolism, there would be less talk of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, and more focus on politicians of color who could represent the most powerful message F.D.R.’s party could conjure. It’s also why the whispers down low carry the name, Deval Patrick.

Thank you, N.F.L. Players Association and the owners who spoke out, and the athletes who stood up, spoke out or took a knee.