Trump Afghanistan Speech Changes the Subject

In some ways, Mr. Trump’s emphasis on a stripped-down counterterrorism mission was reminiscent of the approach advocated by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and ultimately rejected by Mr. Obama. [The New York Times]

TRUMP didn’t know what he was saying when he mentioned Pakistan but you can bet the Pakistanis did. India was thrown in for good measure, and I’m sure someone can explain to him what that whole “central Asia” thing was about.

At least he was able to finally, at long last say something coherent on the importance of equality in America.

The rally in Arizona tomorrow could get interesting.

As for what Trump’s strategy is in Afghanistan, it’s a lot like Obama’s only without ever leaving. We also won’t know a thing about what he’s doing over there.

Will the C.I.A. be more involved?

What about diplomacy?

Staying in Afghanistan using a “conditions-based” strategy sounds logical until it sinks in that Donald J. Trump has less expertise on Af-Pak reality than Tucker Carlson.

The good news is that Secretary Mattis knows what he’s doing. It’s all we’ve got to go on.

Starting off the week this way gave Trump a way to make up for his remarks on Charleston last week, which set Senator Corker’s hair on fire.

Considering there’s no real reason for a speech on Afghanistan now, changing the subject was the White House goal.

Afghanistan is Trump’s war.