“BREAKING NEWS” screamed across the crawler on all cable channels. The trending hashtag on Twitter was #SaveOlivia

OLIVIA STARK is the highest paid starlet in Hollywood.

She has just come through a harrowing event that could have been pulled straight from “Law & Order SVU.”

Introduced in The Beltway Series — now complete — Olivia Stark breaks out and takes the reader into her inner world.

Olivia wants real power in Hollywood, not just the easy attention that comes with youth, beauty, and starlet billing.

She wants longevity.

How does she get it?

Tap into the influence that the men in her industry wield, but how?

Diary of a Hollywood Hottie …and Other Starlet Indignities is a peek into what it’s like to be a 20-something hottie in Hollywood.

It’s a psychological exercise by a woman who’s grappling with her own power, her desire to have a healthy relationship with a man, and the need to make her work and personal life fit together.

There’s a sensitive, fearless young woman behind the body, talent, and prowess that comes with being a starlet in Hollywood.

But Olivia Stark is also trying to shake crippling PTSD after the man she loved betrayed her in the worst possible way. It has left its mark, which she is desperately trying to move beyond.

Diary of a Hollywood Hottie …and Other Starlet Indignities is the introductory character study of Olivia Stark before the release of Olivia’s Turn, which will be out later in 2017.

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