Trump Against the World on Paris Climate Accord via JK Rowling on Twitter

THE UGLY reaction to President Trump leaving the Paris Agreement was swift and it continues.

The only thing that could top it is if Trump tries to block James Comey from testifying next week by citing executive privilege.

Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin just held a press conference with lawyer Lisa Bloom. It was a thunderbolt, complete with Griffin close to tears, as she stood up for herself. After admitting she’d gone too far in her “beheading” parody, Griffin now realizes that her apology only stoked the mob. She’s gotten death threats, and CNN fired her from New Year’s Eve programming with Anderson Cooper.

“I don’t think I will have a career after this … He broke me. … There’s a whole bunch of old white guys trying to silence me.” – Kathy Griffin

Lisa Bloom called it “censorship.”

I’m wondering… Did Lenny Bruce ever apologize?

Did Donald Trump apologize to the women he’s insulted, defamed, and bullied?

Come on, people. You cannot best Trump and his mob by playing by normal rules.

Ask the polar bears.