Megyn Kelly Exposes Alex Jones, Fewer Viewers Watch

The show also trailed a re-run episode of CBS’ “60 Minutes,” which brought in 5.3 million viewers. Among 18-49-year-olds, the demographic most prized by advertisers, a repeat of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” beat both Kelly and “60 Minutes” by about 40%. [CNN Money]

CENSORSHIP is becoming as American as free speech.

The seesaw of these two opposing issues has been roiling college campuses for several years.

The censorious powers of the heckler’s veto have evolved now to the point that people are willing to call for the banning and shunning of works of journalism not yet published. – Jack Shaefer [Politico]

The caterwauling was predictable.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio bellowed from Twitter, “Pull the segment.” There’s no evidence that he saw a second of the footage before pontificating.

A HuffPost blog post ranted, “shame on NBC and Megyn Kelly.”

JPMorgan Chase refused to advertise on the show.

A dozen families of Sandy Hook Elementary victims pleaded their case.

The furor wasn’t missed by Alex Jones, especially when NBC started pushing back on the early critics, who turned out to be wrong.

The Kelly-Jones interview aired to fewer viewers but anyone who watched it saw a different picture from the explosion that happened beforehand, which was either a marketing ploy or honest miscalculation over what it meant to interview Alex Jones through an NBC News production.

However the interview was initially edited, the final product produced a portrait of Alex Jones that exposed him as an embattled human being whose version of reality is wrapped inside an exploitive capitalistic model where truth has no sway.

For me, it’s like the next iteration of talk radio, only more insidious, because it lives online.

Once upon a time, a man named Rush Limbaugh seized on the opportunity Ronald Reagan provided when he obliterated broadcasting norms.

Donald J. Trump couldn’t have happened without Limbaugh and the talk radio universe he birthed.

Now we’ve got a president in the White House who is using the advantage he’s been given by the fringe to cobble together a base that will follow him off a cliff.

Exposure remains the only disinfectant against extremists.

Megyn Kelly dispensed with Alex Jones on “Sunday Night” like an exterminator tracking a cockroach.

But Kelly is correct, Jones is not going away, but seeing him on television having his big moment, the impact couldn’t have been what he wanted.

The marketing, and push back were explosive, but few cared enough to watch.

The guy looked like a crazed degenerate trolling for legitimacy, which Kelly didn’t give him.

Yes, he received national exposure, but no one is confused about what’s the most important thing to Alex Jones. It’s all about him, every story, every verbal explosion, including his bloviating arrogance on having the President’s ear.

Trump and Jones, two white male egotists who delight in stroking one another.

Megyn Kelly has now exposed them both.

If only she hadn’t come from Fox News channel.