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Democrats spent nearly $30 million in the GA-06 race, making it the most expensive House of Representatives contest in U.S. History. And they still lost. As the election approached, Jon Ossoff’s campaign increasingly moved to the middle in a vain attempt to attract Republican support in the hopes moderate Republicans would be appalled by Trump’s behavior. This was the same approach tried by the Clinton campaign which focused on his temperament instead of his racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Both times, the approach failed. – Steve Phillips [Democracy in Color]

IT WAS always Karen Handel‘s race to lose in Georgia.

Watching Rachel Maddow last night was painful. Including after seeing Steve Kornacki walk through the numbers with Brian Williams.

I’m not sure what will make Democrats and progressives understand the voodoo magic of candidate athleticism.

It’s the 21st-century, it’s all so reminiscent of the 1980s, which I’ve been writing since Trump rolled down the escalator with Melania.

The eeriest foreshadowing of the outcome began on Monday. Articles about all of the women who came out for Ossoff and what it meant were trending.

After last November’s reality check, it was like progressives forgot the conservative women vote, too, and they do so in large numbers, which is one reason Trump is in the White House. It’s just one of the glaring blind spots with Democrats and their allies.

One piece of speculation trending on the progressive side is that Democrats spent less than $100,000 on getting out the minority vote. I have no idea if it’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

As for Jon Ossoff, I was turned off the instant he began braying that he waged a clean campaign. He was fearful of any controversy whatsoever.

Running a careful campaign almost always leads to catastrophe.

As for taking on Donald J. Trump’s AGENDA…

Many were upset that Democrat Jon Ossoff blunted what was arguably his greatest asset — antipathy toward President Donald Trump — by going relatively easy on the president and avoiding controversy at all cost. Others, however, countered that Ossoff was a fine candidate who was the victim of a party that is too cautious and has lost its ability to connect with voters. [NBC News]

Like Hillary Clinton, Ossoff and the DNC didn’t compare and contrast. Instead, when it came to President Trump, Ossoff and the Democrats decided not to mention his AGENDA.

It was a gift to Karen Handel.

Nationalizing the GA-6 contest was bound to happen.

Democrats learned, yet again, that when offered a choice between a Democrat and a Republican, conservative voters come home.

I’m not sure if uninvolved Democrats and liberally Independent voters even know what “coming home” means to them.

How could they?

The Democratic Party doesn’t seem to know, either.

And no one expected the race in South Carolina to be so close, least of all the Democratic Party intelligentsia.

But at least there’s another woman in Congress, elected by conservative Republicans.