Trumpcare Hits Senate Wall, Democrats See 2018 Rallying Cry

Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said it will take weeks or maybe months for the Senate to develop a plan because many lawmakers in the chamber haven’t yet engaged on the issue. “There hasn’t been any health care discussion over here,” Grassley said. [Bloomberg]

THE DEMOCRATS were finally handed the gift they have been wanting.

Trump’s ego, and Paul Ryan’s ideological zealotry would not be denied, no matter how many sick bodies they have to make Republicans crawl over.

HuffPost has the consequences, as seen through the eyes of real Americans.

I keep wondering why they want to kill me.

Why are rich people so much more important than I am that their tax cuts are more important than my health? How can people vote to “improve” healthcare, but make themselves immune from the effects? So, you want to know how I feel about AHCA? I am thoroughly, implacably angry.

I would be out in the streets with a pitchfork and torch, if I felt well enough to leave the house (but I don’t). So I will sit here at my computer and figure out ways to get out the vote.

At this point, I’m mainly covering foreign policy and world events, but the spectacle from Trump, Ryan, and House members on repealing & “replacing” Obamacare just may become a landmark moment for Republicans, and not in a good way.

Senator Bernie Sanders leads the backlash, which will only grow louder and louder.