President Trump: “I don’t stand by anything.”

The interviews — published by Bloomberg, Face the Nation and the SiriusXM radio network — seemed timed to the president’s 100-day mark but contained a dizzying amount of news, even for a president who often makes news in stream-of-consciousness comments. Trump’s advisers have at times tried to curb his media appearances, worried he will step on his message. “They were not helpful to us,” one senior administration official said. “There was no point to do all of them.” [Politico]

IRON FIST RULER, Rodrigo Duterte, is “popular” and “strong,” President Trump declared. Never mind his extrajudicial killings of drug suspects and obominable human rights record.

Trump also said he’d be “honored” to meet with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.

If you’re sensing déjà vu, then you’re likely remembering Kissingerism, named for Henry Kissinger of the Nixon era.

As for POTUS posing the Civil War question, “Why couldn’t that one have been worked out?” If there has ever been a more ignorant president of the United States, I cannot recall. Maybe Andrew Jackson‘s actions against the American Indian is where Trump got his plan for undocumented immigrants.

Not to worry, he’s good at covering up his a*# when he hears high-pitched guffawing and squealing from the more educated masses.

Just don’t be confused.

Real politik is back, baby.

Everything is maleable.